Joe Millionaire, the Aftermath

First of all, I’ve been instructed to add an addendum to the previous post:

ADG pointed out how much she liked Zora from the beginning. In fact, she liked her the best. She only wanted Sarah to win because she was fake and somewhat of a gold-digger (Sarah, not ADG); and really, what would have been better TV than seeing that train wreck?

Having said that, I won! I am proud ashamed to admit that I was behind Zora from the beginning, and in fact predicted her triumph early on. Guys like girls that are a challenge, and that are genuine and kind…when they’re looking for something more than a night in the woods that is.

My further impressions:
.: Despite her smiling, Sarah was obviously devastated what with her immediate bitchy cattiness.
.: She also was at least partially into the money, as her first comment to what’s her ugly face was about how Evan didn’t actually have the money… not that she wished he picked her.
.: Even all you Evan naysayers out there must have been affected by the way his face lit up when Zora walked in. It was *sniff* awesome.
.: Am I really blogging my impressions of Joe Millionaire?
.: Call me a hopeless romantic (which I indeed am), but I think they could make it… if they didn’t, it would be Evan’s fault, of course, Zora seems pretty fabulous.

During the 700th Married by America commercial, ADG turned to me and said, “We can not get in to that.” I couldn’t agree more.

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