Happy Valentine’s Day, Part II!

For those keeping score, this is ADG’s and my first Valentine’s Day together. That, in and of itself, is a fantastic thing. What’s more, historically, my Valentine’s Days have been fairly mediocre. I don’t mean to say that I’ve never had a good one, in fact to the contrary, but I’ve had enough bad ones for them to even out as pretty much even… especially lately.

So, in these changing times of increasing world unrest, where suicide bombers (real or imagined) lurk behind every corner, where the globe seems too small and countries too much in reach, where the idea of traveling by plane gives pause, where the truly important things in life become ever more important, I am thankful and fortunate enough to have someone in my life to celebrate today.

And that goes for all of you to a lesser degree. Yes I know V-Day is just a marketing ploy designed to milk those of us with weak minds out of our sympathetic, love-lorn funds; but still, we’re all loved, at least somewhat, but someboday, so give a grin… even if only weakly.

[*EDITOR’S NOTE*: should I ever adorn this page with drippingly sappy icons, such as those above, in non-sracastic earnest, you have my permission to hurt me… badly]

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