The Lakers have finally reached 500 this season; which, as I’m sure you know, means that they’ve now won as many games as they’ve lost… or in light of this season, lost as many games as they’ve won. This shouldn’t have been as hard of a task for the defending champions to achieve as it was, but there you go. Sure, they had injuries and whatnot, but never was it more apparent that two players can’t consistently carry a team of thirteen than it was early this season.

Which is a lesson, you see: everyone must pull their own weight.

Which may, in fact, account for my down demeanor as of late (meaning as of this entire last year). It’s been fairly ego-whacking (it’s a term) to not be given the opportunity to pull my own weight for so long. I feel disgusted with myself, often. Wasted. Un-utilized. Hopefully that will end soon.

People around me seem to be having far less trouble being utilized than I do. I’ve decided that it’s due to the glut of laid-off engineers in relation to the relative scarcity of other positions. I hope that’s what it is, ’cause if it’s not, it may be something about the way I smell…

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