For those of you using Outlook as your e-mail client, you, like me, have probably wished you could get it out of your taskbar and minimze it to the system tray. After all, you leave it open all day, and all it does it take up unnecessary space, right? Well, for Windows XP users (with Outlook for XP), a registry hack was published that is the answer to your prayers. Everyone else? Out of luck, it doesn’t work.

However (comma) for those of us unfortunate enough to be running Win ME (never never never again) or any of the other more recent versions of Big Brother software, I came upon a simple program that does the same thing. It’s awesome and it works flawlessly. I suggest you give it a try. They (r2 Studios) also have a version for Outlook Express; not to mention a host of other interesting little applications to make your life easier.

Oh, and they’re all free

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