So I’m in LA right now, getting maybe the last few moments of close-friends time for a while. Meaning, for those of you keeping score at home, that I lean ever-closer to the Canada job.

More importantly, I’m in LA because one of my close friends, the first one in The Group, turned 30 today… and I’m next (yes in two years, but I’m still next). For those of you already over 30 or more, I’m sure you find this childish; but, for those of you still in your 20’s or less, I’m sure you can understand how odd the whole aging thing still seems. I don’t feel like 30 year olds should be part of my peer group. I still feel like a kid, young in spirit anyway, if not in body. Though I suspect I’m mistaken, I still feel like I’m in the loop and terribly, tragically, beautifully hip.

This, really, just goes to show and prove, not that I’m deluded (though I’m sure that’s present as well), but that I’ve had the wrong idea about aging all along. I am still young is the rub and the detail forgotten, as are all my friends. We will, in fact, always be young, and there’s nothing particularly tragic about the passage of time.

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