While we’re not on the subject, let me bring up, apropos of nothing, the Wal*Mart Photo Center. If you have a digital camera (like I do) and sometimes want prints (like I do) and get tired of spending hours printing out your own even though you have a photo-quality printer (like I do) and have an overwhelming distate to the idea of actually going anywhere to get prints made (like I said), then there is no better resource than that provided by the wonderful good people over at your virtual Wal*Mart Photo Center.

I can not tell you how stoked I am with this.

So I says to Maude, I says, “Alls you gotta do is upload your photos, order your prints for like nothing and they’ll either send them to the nearest Wal*Mart to be picked up for no shipping, or send them anywhere for like a buck.”

How do you beat 26¢ for a 4×6? $2.86 for an 8×10? Technology makes me happy.

PS I totally just virtually spammed you

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