no Slash, no voice, but rock dredsI just caught a portion of the 50th or 60th broadcast of the MTV Music awards, and Jimmy Fallon just introduced Guns ‘n FUCK’N ROSES!!!!

Holy crap do they ever suck now.

The fact that the half-bald gutarist is clearly NOT Slash notwithstanding, they also have a few other, more basic things stacked against them:

.: they’re still playing the same songs from the 80’s
.: Axl Rose can’t sing more than three words before sounding out of breath
.: oh, and Axl Rose can’t actually sing at all to begin with.

Oh Monsters of Rock, why hath ye forsaken me?! Headbangers Ball, Hair Metal, Sex Drugs Rock ‘n Roll, where art thou?! I’m nearly crying for the loss of one of MY bands from back in the day.

Oh no he’s NOT wearing Millie Vanilli dreads is he? He is!

On a lighter note, I now know that my merely emulating Guns ‘n Roses sounds exactly like the actual Guns ‘n Roses… meaning, obivously, that I must be a kick-ass singer and I am well on my way to rock stardom… or something.

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