Things are never as bad as they seem…except for when they’re worse, but this isn’t one of those times. I think things will work out. That is to say, things will work out, I just hope they work out the way I’ve been wishing they would.

Jobs, on the other hand, are incredibly hard to come by for some reason. Either I’m too picky, way under-qualified, or it’s just the way it is now. I just got news that my “last” good chance is no chance at all, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. I’m far beyond panic at this point, which is good, because if I weren’t I’d be extremely worried right about now.

In other news, the lady that lives in the apartment beneath me has left her complimentary telephone books outside her front door for roughly two months now. I wonder if she’s rebelling or just never looks down. I’m considering moving them to different positions every time I go downstairs to see if she notices. Correction: I am moving them every time I go downstairs to see if she notices. She’s not a particularly elderly woman or anything…maybe late 40’s to mid 50’s. She lives alone, and is a divorcee…though the only proof I have for that is my own mistaken opinion that everyone in America gets married eventually, and usually by 35, so she must be divorced by now. Also, by the scant views of her apartment I’ve gotten through the window I see house-sized accessories like large dining tables and china-hutches, now being crammed into a one bedroom in the boring part of Silicon Valley. I’m fairly sure she doesn’t work, as she seems to be home just as much as I do, and somehow, I feel absolutely no kinship with her. There is at least a quiet understanding between myself and the rest of my immediate neighbors…though we are not friends, we at least acknowledge that we exist in the same relative proximity. This woman, though, has never returned a single one of my “hi’s”. Hmmm.

So I’m out of town this weekend. I’ll be in LA, so if you’re there and happen to see me, you’re right, it was that guy from

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