My friend Jules reads this site from time to time, and has searched for her own name to no avail. “I searched for myself,” she said “but I didn’t find anything.” Laughter ensued. Well, Julie, now you will.

It was Julie’s birthday a few days ago; and, while I didn’t exactly miss it, I didn’t exactly not miss it, either. Sorry about that, Jules, I’m a self-absorbed jerk sometimes; and, thanks for being my friend anyway. So, in an effort (partially) to make up for my being remiss, and even more to forcefully inject some unwanted internet-fame onto those friends of mine who I know read my blog I present:

The Story of _______: First in a Series

Today’s Feature: Jules

Freshman year I lived on the third floor of San Miguel dorms. From the 1st on up, the floors alternated: guys, girls, guys, girls, girls, guys, girls For some reason, we only looked up, and were friends mostly with the 4th and 5th floor girls…which has nothing to do with Julie as she lived in another dorm altogether. She was, however, friends with a guy on our floor nicknamed Penis (mostly because he was tall and skinny, but also because he was a grade-A world-class DICK).

At any rate, Julie would appear on the floor from time to time, and of course be beset upon by the raging hormonal antics of an entire floor of 17-18 year olds. I was one of them, of course; and, this being prior to the acquisition of the mad-smoove-skillz that helped me with ADG, I was absolutely horrible at it. I’m positive that Julie found me terribly annoying (she made no secret of this fact), and I suspect that she pretty much hated me. And that was pretty much that.

3-4 years later…

Being an engineer, I was in the library. Actually, I spent a surprisingly little amount of time in the library, as there were no parties or pizza there, so it’s fairly coincidental that I was there at all. I assume it was Dead Week. Anyway, while looking for a place to sit and fall asleep over my engineering books, I ran into Julie while she studiously worked on some calculus… which she was hating, and said as much, and we talked about it, and then took a break outside for a few and talked about some other stuff. By this point, my hormonal activity had been tempered by both years and the existence of a long-term girlfriend. So, I was much less annoying, and much more genuine, and much more capable of haing a freindly conversation without being overtly flirtatious or shallow. And that was cool.

From that point on, Julie and I have been very close friends, helping each other through various relationship issues, getting the scoop on what a girl or guy means when he says this or that, and generally just being how close friends are. As with most guy/girl friendships, people question the motives from time to time, as genuine friendships of that kind are rare. Nevertheless, it exists between us, and that’s a good thing.

And so there you go, The Story of Jules, my best girlspace space spacefriend, who’s birthday I didn’t quite forget, but didn’t quite remember, either. Forgive me?

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