Mark your calendars

No seriously, mark your calendars NOW.

It is imperative (in much the same way that recycling, making love not war, and for ‘to give peace a chance’ be all that you are saying) that we all, as humans, watch the Anna Nicole Show. Taking a page from the Real World, Survivor, Temptation Island, and perhaps most notably, The Osbournes, so-called “blond bombshell” Anna Nicole Smith will be the subject of a new E! reality show, starting August 4th.

blink blink

Oh that’s just good television.

Much like the aforementioned Osbournes, this show is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to its subject. However, we all know that Sharon is one smart son daughter of a bitch, and that she fully appreciates the national-poking-fun the country is having at her crazy family’s expense. She has a sense of humor, she’s embracing it, and perhaps most importantly, she’s getting PAID (mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money).

With Anna, however… welllll… you kinda get the feeling she didn’t even know that the cameras were ever not there, so what’s the big deal? I’m left with the sad impression that the logical jump from Camera to TV hasn’t yet crossed her mind. After all, with a show tagline like “The Anna Nicole Show. Entertaining, yes. Educational, no“, you’ve gotta wonder how much advantage they’re taking of poor poor Anna (and I mean that figuratively, not cash-wise, ’cause we all now where she stands in that category).

To summarize: You. Must. Watch. And to entice you, go to the video gallery of her site, where you will see an extremely out of it Anna describe a house by saying, “To me it’s like a Mexican type. Like a cana…canabanna…cabana? cabawna?” I repeat, that’s just damn good television.

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