As in relationships, as in life, communication is key. So many hardships, break-ups, hurt feelings, deaths, and basic misunderstandings come from just. not. communicating effectively. Therefore, and on that note…what the fuck?:

Right? Left? Neither?
This “helpful” sign is in the already bewildering and slight horrible parking lot of the Whole Foods in Hollywood. And the great thing is, there’s half a dozen of them.

I stared at this sign for a good full minute trying to understand it. “I can go right which is not actually right, or I can go left which is not actually left?” I took this picture, examined it later, and still am at a loss.

Is it a question? Is it asking me to tell it which is what?

Is it a philosophical statement? Whichever way you turn, you are where you are. Life is a highway. I want to ride it. All night long.

Is it The Scarecrow’s stand-in? (…I’m a little ridiculously proud of that one)

Scarecrow pointing both ways

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