That’s a man, baby!

What can I add that hasn’t already been said?

Dinner with Cami was both surreal and fascinating. It’s interesting discovering the things that don’t translate digitally…like what a great laugh Cami has. Not to mention how odd it is getting to know someone while seamlessly integrating personal details from their life culled from their blog. “Oh, so you’re originally from Nebraska? Interesting. Yeah, you shouldn’t call that guy you broke up with on Tuesday… if he doesn’t realize how cool you are, it’s his loss.” etc etc.

After slightly awkward Thai food, we took a less slightly awkward ride up to see the Galaxy Girls at the Larkspur Cafe Theatre. From what I could tell, Larkspur is a painfully quaint town a la Pleasantville that apparently houses it’s drag shows in surrendered church meeting halls. The dichotomy was delicious. So much so, that we looked at each other with a “Wait, what?” expression when first peeking into the theatre.

After greeting the stunning Rula with a kiss hello, I laughed out loud when she said sexily, “I’m a member of your fan club, you know.”

A few more moments of now-not-at-all-unpleasant conversation and observation later, Jish, Kristen, Ev, and Bill showed and added to the growing numbers of self-conscious bloggers.

-Time passes-

Ariel, Ernie, and Min Jung explode on the scene.

-Show starts…excellent performances…Ariel is called on stage to describe her site as a collection of effluvia…there is much rejoicing-

Afterwards, bloggers commiserated at Mel’s, lamenting the pressures of relative stardom, or lack thereof. Driving back now-completely-comfortably with Cami (aka Worst Navigator Ever [but a sweetheart all the same]), we reflected on our similar view of humanity, and how this night had been so counter to it. Perhaps there is hope for you seething masses, after all.

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