A while ago (14 seconds), I had a question for the Internet.

“Internet,” I said, “Which word is better: shit-storm or brick-house?” And here is what she said.

via brainsluice

By the way

Have you ever been ensnared by the show Elimidate? It’s basically like Survivor for dating. Three guys go out with one girl (or vice versa) at the same time, and are gradually elimintaed, until one “true love” remains. Flipping during Olympics commercials, I rested temporarily on an episode featuring a beautiful young woman being wooed by a college football player, playa with a clothing line, and a K-Mart Regional Manager.

In true stereotypical form, the football player introduced himself to the camera thusly (note: he was also black):

“I’m like a chocolate-covered strawberry. On the outside, it’s all sweet chocolate. And on the inside…it’s strawberry.”


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