Prior to a Christams party (that I ended up not going to at the last minute), I went shopping for an ornament. If you know me at all, you’ll understand how it was my personal mission to find the most disgustingly un-Christmasy ornament available. Le Target proved to not only have the Kleenex I was in need of, but also a particular gem, modeled here by my friend Heather:

Or for a closer look:

What’s that grandpa? Well, of course, they have the perfect ornament to get ol’ soldiers like you in the Christmas spirit!

What’s that you say? In camouflage with a shotgun? Ummm, well, I’ll try. Old man ornaments abound; but ornaments with camo and a gun, I don’t know… AND the dog? AND a dead duck?!

sigh so beautifully wrong…

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