The last two times I’ve gone to the market, on the way back home I’ve driven by a little old lady (literally, on all counts) pushing a shopping cart slowly down the street. She’s always hunched over, bundled up tightly in nice clothes, and shuffling along excruciatingly slowly in what is nearly one of the traffic lanes. Understand, though, that the two events are entirely unrelated, as I always spot her several miles away from the nearest grocery store. Perhaps, having just come from there, I’m on high alert for runaway carts…

At any rate, today I noticed that there wasn’t actually anything in the cart; and, being so far away from the aforementioned store (or any other commercial establishments for that matter), I assume she’s just using it as a free walker to assist her in her daily exercise. Do you realize what it means when we live in the kind of society where our senior citizens are forced to use shopping carts for walkers?

It means that chick is totally a thief!

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