I’ve come to a hard realization:

I will never be a Blog of Note.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not funny enough, interesting enough, deviant enough, or whatever enough;but, as I muddle along in this blog-world, I feel more and more that I will always be hovering just outside the A-List. Sure, I’ve been linked by blogging juggernauts like ernie, dave, and jish, but I’m no hot camgirl or survivorcam hero.

Maybe it would help if I knew evan, but, unfortunately, staking out his apartment doesn’t seem to be helping. Or, maybe making friends with fellow bloggers would make me more provocative (although hanging out with meg only made me interesting temporarily, and it turns out that that was because she is).

Ah well, I can live with my relative anonymity. This whole blog-McDealie is supposed to be for me and my sanity anyway, not the notoriety that I may gain from it. Besides which, I will take the world by storm when I unveil my amazing new invention: hot-dog clocks.

if you think this was a thinly veiled plea for links, you may already be a winner

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