Why don’t you save that money for when you die, then you can hand it directly to the devil. – Jimmy Kimmel

So this is becoming a revolution. Tara of darkness falls continued the tradition and sent me something for my aforementioned birthday from my aforementioned self-serving wishlist!

More specifically, Radiohead’s Amnesiac. Which, as Tara mentioned in her packagae, is rather apt as we went to the concert together.

Gifts that are both cool and significant are that much better. So, Tara, let me offer my thanks through linkage!

I want you to know

He’s not coming back

He’s bloated and frozen

Still theres no point in letting it go to waste

Get your knives out

Catch the mouse

Cook him up

Don’t look down

Shove it in your mouth

– Radiohead .:Knives Out

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