Last night, sitting on my porch, swinging in the hammock, playing with the lit citronella candle and a stick that had as recently as 5 minutes ago been a handle for a popsicle, I discovered something:

Popsicle sticks don’t like to burn.

Don’t get me wrong, engulf that bad boy in flames, and, it will burn to a crisp; but sticking it in the candle flame, I found that it took a very long time to actually ignite. More often than not, it wold just kind of smolder with no flame to speak of, until it finally took light.

This should bring a sigh of relief to you all. The next time you’re stuck in a Towering Inferno in the middle of a delicious Creamsicle, never fear, though your face will be charred, that orangey,creamy, goodness will survive unscathed.

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