“But that’s fundamentally opposed to everything I’ve been taught!” – oft remembered outburst from a particularly stereotypical dork in one of my old Physics classes (thereby making me also a dork, by the way)

Lara Croft (I’m so confident that that must be the link, I’m not going to check it) is bouncing her way into the theatres with a vengeance this weekend, so I feel obligated to explain something:

I am good friends with someone named Lara, and she’s very particular about her name. Despite the fact that she’s now more recognized as sharing a name with a video-game character, instead of Lara of Dr. Zhivago like she should be, almost everyone she comes in contact with gets her name wrong in the first 2-dozen tries. The correct pronunciation is law-ra.. not lore-a, not low-ra, not lair-alaw-ra. You have been warned.

Besides, if you get it right, Angelina Jolie might go out with you.

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