I was out late last night, so my alarm this morning was even less welcome than usual. I was hovering in that quasi-sleep/awake state where you could just as easily jump out of bed as slip back into dreams. I was on my way back under when the radio news played a snippet of conversation with Mr. Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan. The interviewer had somehow tied Survivor II into the conversation, I assume the reason being that Paul is from Australia, therefore he should be able to speak for all things Australian. (ahem). At any rate, in reference to the cut scenes showing crocs sliding into the water or basking on beaches, Hogan explained that they had to have been shot somewhere away from the SII camps. Apparently, where there are crocodiles in Australia, there are crocodiles in Australia, meaning that area inhabited by the animals are absolutely crawling with them. Paul want on to say how if SII was really shot in those areas, they wouldn’t be calling it Survivor, they’d call it Let’s Watch People Die.

I love that guy.

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