An awesome friend of mine came over tonight bearing gifts. She’s a toy designer for University Games and apparently appreciates my immaturity, as she often brings me something toy-related. She was at Toy Fair (which, to my fellow dorks, is like CES for toys) this last week and picked me up a “Hatchmon”. I unfortunately couldn’t find this thing anywhere on the net, and there’s no company name or branding on it at all. It may have been a toy concept that was abandoned, or something just not yet complete. I have no idea where it came from, or where I may get another one (she doesn’t either) but it’s totally rad.

Basically, it’s a clear plastic egg, inside of which is a creature (there are twelve different kinds) encased in goo. You pull the glob out, seperate the animal (in my case a flying fish) from the gunk, and you end up with one sticky animal thingy and a handful of cool ectoplasm. According to the pictographs you can use the goo in a way analgous to Play-Doh (although it’s way more mucusy), and just kind of squeeze and throw around the sticky creature thing. Again judging from the pictures, and based on the name (Hatchmon) we surmised that you basically had a baby-thing in it’s egg, encased in placenta, and ready for birth and fun family playtime! This may have something to do with it’s apparent failure as a mass-marketed toy.

At any rate, the best part of this thing is the warning label, recreated here for you with the exact spelling and punctuation found on the package:

May stick to or stain fabric and other surfaces Avoid prolonged
contact with hair carpet.
uphlostery. walls, clothing and any Vamished unvamished
surfaces Do not use pro-washed or chlorine
bleach wash immediately with detergent and water repeat it
necessary Dry cleaning will not move.

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