Observations of the day:

– The bird stuck inside Home Depot was flying around in the Home & Garden section instead of, say, plumbing.
– At Fry’s (an electronic’s store), they have a long stretch of numbered cash registers. It is the job of some high school aged teen to stand on top of a footstool at the front of the customer line, scanning up and down the registers searching for a free one. When he (and it’s always a he) spots one, he looks down to the waiting customer and mutters the number to them. When someone within his age group +/- 10 years comes up, he has to somehow affect a cool demeanor for this obviously embarrassing task. I do not envy him his job.
– Second in crappy jobs to the above guy, are the guy’s that have to check your receipt at the exit (also at Fry’s, but can be just about any retail store as of late). He/she never really checks your bag, but any theft the store experiences is ultimately entirely his/her responsibility.
– without an air conditioner, my sliding glass door has become my thermostat.

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