Being a dork, I have many dorky hobbies; one of which is keeping a reef aquarium. There is something different about this particular dork pursuit, though, in that whenever someone is in my apartment, they invariably gravitate towards my aquarium, lean down to put their faces on an even level with the inhabitants, and let their speech trail off as their fascination increases. Everyone seems to know at least a little bit about marine life; enough so that they may ask more than polite questions that border on actual interest. It seems to me, then, that I have found an eddy in the nerd stream; a place where one particular pastime is somehow immune to the majority of dorkedness flowing so closely beside it. Therefore, to all of you closet Trekkies, Chess-Club co-captains, too old Barbie aficionados, and Dungeon Masters, if you’re interested in being at least slightly accepted by the Masses while still retaining your dork heritage, may I humbly suggest that you pick up some goldfish from your local State Fair and go to town. You will not be disappointed.

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