Let me take a break from our regularly scheduled program to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Much has been said the past week about whether Dr. King was really as relevant to civil rights issues as we make him out to be. That is, was he as pious, as pure, and as compassionate in real life as our memories have created him to be? In much the same way that I’m sure Einstein was probably incorrect from time to time, Dr. King was undoubtedly a flawed individual just like the rest of us. The question, though, is: Does that really matter? I say, and I hope you’ll agree, no. When dealing with issues like the equality of human beings, the Concepts are always bigger than the Man, what really counts is what that man (or woman) represents. So, for that reason, raise your glass, nod your head, tilt your hat, salute deferentially, or otherwise take a moment and do the man the honor of your consideration…or not, the choice is yours of course. Please, discuss amongst yourselves…

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