myspaceI think I’ve finally figured out the point of myspace. If you’re a hott chick, it’s to get attention. If you’re a hott band, it’s to get attention.

Both viable and noble reasons.

But if you’re not a hott chick or a hott band, and are instead just a dork like, oh I dunno, me, what’s the point?

To re-connect with friends? Please. Any friends you don’t e-mail already you could certainly find playing a little 6-degrees of separation with the friends you do keep in contact with.

To find love? Well, you may find lust (*nods knowingly*), but love? Mom says to meet girls at the grocery store and I think you have a better chance shopping for mangoes (is that a double entendre?) than asking to be “friends”.

Not friends, not love, certainly not career, so what? I think I figured it out:

Myspace is the baseball cards of the 21st century. Basically, after you’ve gathered a few friends, you go browsing through their friends. You see someone interesting (read: super hot). You go to their profile, look around, and then hell, ask to be their friend. You don’t talk, you don’t send messages, you don’t do anything.

Repeat a dozen times.

Meanwhile, people are doing the same thing elsewhere and requesting to be your friends.

It’s just like trading cards. Keep the ones you want, get rid of the ones you don’t. Watch out for fakes, and try to get complete sets.

For instance, I’m currently trying to get the entire Pornstar Series. I’ve already got some heavy hitters that I’m pretty pleased with, but now I need to round out some minor league players to get a high-value collection.

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