EntourageWhen you’re in China and you don’t speak the language, there are 5 things you can do. Four of them I can’t talk about here, but the 5th is watch HBO. English-language television here consists of CNN, static-riddled BBC, and HBO; which means that I have seen Lethal Weapon 2 twice, parts of Shrek 2, and decided to sit in silence and stillness instead of watching Beethoven’s…2nd.

>One thing I have watched, and with eagerness, is Entourage.

Since the Great Fire of ’05 I haven’t bothered to turn HBO back on so I’ve never seen the show. Of course, I would have to travel half way around the world in order to do so. Now that I have I’m hooked, of course.

Or it might be that it reminds me of home, and every now and again I can jump up and shout, “I’ve been there!” at the TV (and by “every now and again” I mean very infrequently, ’cause they typically get to go places where my salary bracket isn’t allowed). One thing I know for certain: I love LA…

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