I just combed my hair. I did it with a brand new comb that my hotel thinks is part of the essential equipment every guest needs. The other items include the following: 2 toothbrushes, 1 razor and shaving cream, a loofa, 2 packs of wooden matches, 1 sewing kit, and 2 plastic combs.

At any rate, I combed my hair with my brand new comb, lining up all of my individual hairs into neat little rows. I would follow this statement with a picture if I weren’t so vain (meaning, of course, that I look ridiculous with all of my individual hairs in neat little rows). To continue, I haven’t combed my hair since… well, I don’t know, actually, it’s been that long. I remember I started out with a comb when I was very young for two reasons: (1) that’s what was provided to me, and (2) that’s what my Dad did. It wasn’t until junior high, in an explosion of individualism, that I switched to a brush.

I had two. One was a bristle brush which I remember now as being very similar to a dog brush, though this was one branded by Vidal Sassoon. It left my hair poofy, and with all of my individual hairs in neat little rows. The second was a cheap plastic brush with only a couple dozen spines(?), tines(?), whatever… and the handle also served as a hairspray or water pump.

I loved this brush. I used it everyday with my Super Spike Jell to unsuccessfully create a wave up the right side of my head.

Eventually, though, I tired of all of this. My hair… my quaff… is unruly. I have wavey, thick hair that doesn’t take well to anything. It doesn;t lie down all cool and brooding like. It doesn’t curl up all joyful and bouncey like. For the most part, it just grows, and no amount of brushing or hairspraying can break its will to basically be the same busted ass haircut that I’ll have my entire life.

SO, sometime around high school I gave up the comb, the brush, the product, even hairdryers and I now generally drip dry, run my fingers through my hair, and then spend a few moments trying to convince myself that I look exactly the way I intend to.

What was I saying? Oh yes: that is, until tonight, when I used my free comb. Why is this interesting? It isn’t. It absolutely is NOT intersting; which illustrates just exactly how bored you can get after two weeks in China with nothing but work to do.

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