$300 is a lot to spend on irony

I need to be the guy that sews his own shirts. The one with the ill-fitting pants with frayed edges and the wrong button to button-hole ratio. That would be better than purchasing, say, a $250 shirt with a cardigan ironically printed on it.

See? It’s a cardigan, 80’s-style, worn over a white t-shirt! Except, it’s not really, it’s really actually a white t-shirt with a screen print of a cardigan, 80’s-style. Ironic! The kinds of people that are purchasing this type of shirt are the same people who would shoo away my observation that if they spent $20 in a thrift store to get exactly the same look, only in a real cardigan, it would be a hell of a lot cooler.

That is why I do not associate with those people.

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