High Fidelity
I love High Fidelity. I just watched it for what has to be the 2,747th time.

It gives me hope.
It reminds me why I am a hopeless romantic.
It makes me feel cool.
It makes me want to hang out in chill bars and see bands in small clubs.

And it just has a fucking great soundtrack. And if a movie has that, you almost don’t even need a plot or John Cusack to hold it down like a champ.

But High Fidelity HAS a plot that’s rich and funny and heartwarming and awesome, and High Fidelity HAS John Cusack who holds it down like a stone cold P-I-M-P, making him, in my opinion, one of the coolest actors of the new(ish) school.

High FidelityAnd that soundtrack. C’mon, the soundtrack! Velvet Underground for chrissakes. Barry White, Elton John, Love, and even the Chemical Brothers, Elvis Costello, and Dylan. Grand Funk Railroad, Sheila Nichols, Sterolab, Stevie fuckin’ Wonder, and Marvin Gaye.

You just can’t, g’ah! …Such a great damn movie.

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