A fire update

Oh, you thought because it’s been nearly 4 months since the fire that everything was back to normal by now? You considered, reasonably to yourself, that if it takes about 6 months to build a complete home from the ground up, than surely a 2-bedroom apartment can be renovated in less than half that time? All good thoughts… in theory.

The latest goes like this: my apartment has been painted. There is new cabinetry in the kitchen, attached to the new walls and ceiling. There are new windows replacing those blown out by the fire itself, or broken by the fire department.

Things that still need to be done include: putting in the flooring in the bathroom and kitchen. Installing every appliance-related thing in the kitchen including the water heater. Tiling the kitchen counters and back-splash. Installing ceiling fans/lights in all of the rooms. Re-finishing the hardwood floors.

All of this stuff should take a week max if a crew of 4 works every day… and it’s been in this same state for at least a month.

The other news is that they turned the gas off in the loaner apartment I’m staying in, as it seems no one (meaning me) notified the gas company that I was crashing here. The awesome thing about that is that once I contacted them, and got the account put into my name, they graciously offered to come out and take the lock off of the gas so it could be turned back on… next Wednesday. Which means that, since last Wednesday night, I have had only extremely cold showers, no heat, and no cooking ability save for the microwave I bought yesterday. But I’m not complaining… it all makes for a great story.

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