FYI There are no bibles in the bedside tables of Chinese hotels. I wonder why that is? Oh… right. Anyway, you have been warned; should you need Christianity, you’ll have to bring your own.

Also, and I tell this as an anecdote, I was at lunch when one of my hosts asked me if I had ever watched Fear Factor.
“Sure,” I said, “Have you?”
To which he replied, “Yes, but it’s getting really crazy now. Have you seen the stuff they have to eat?!”

At which point he reached across the table and grabbed a beet-red whole octopus.

Which, incidentally, I really liked. Also, I have now eaten kangaroo (review: meh. I wouldn’t call it great, and I wouldn’t call it bad. It tasted a lot like a cheap steak that was cooked without much interest)

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