For those of you keeping score, I went to sleep at 2:30 and woke up, completely unprompted, at 6:30 again today. It’s actually only “again” for me, because the posts where I informed you that my insomnia was back in rare form, and that I was not even at least sleeping later like I used to when this was happening, were eaten by Blogger over the last few days. I’m not tired, but my mind must be. It doesn’t seem right, somehow, to only get 4 hours of sleep.

So I turn on the news this morning to find out that Terry Schiavo has died. It was reported as I write this, in fact, only one minute ago. I’ve not commented at all on this situation, and I’m not going to now, as I am just a guy with a blog and have nothing in my life to help me develop an informed opinion about this. What I feel is completely opinion, and based only on the hypothetical.

I will say this, though: I am sorry for her family, and am glad she is free from the pain of this mortal coil.

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