I have nothing of substance to write… though that is not the point of a blog, I am suddenly reminded. To that end:
This weekend I hosted a BBQ in which my new to me grill was fired up for the first time. There is something awesome about having a gas grill. The whole BBQ process becomes much less about the actual setting up and lighting of anything, and much more about the hanging out (where “hanging out” refers to yelling at each other while playing Halo 2… and yes, there was at least one girl there).

I also got a new to me table saw this weekend, which will greatly facilitate the building of my own furniture. I built a self-admittedly awesome bed two weeks ago out of the necessity of the bed I was sleeping in leaving with the person who owned it, and I will be making a dresser for similar reasons. This isn’t actually true, as I’ve not had or needed a dresser somehow for years, but one must have their hobbies. Plus, I’ve been informed that making your own furniture is apparently a sexy thing for a guy to do. I highly suspect that this is largely dependent on the results, so the college-level planks on cinder blocks I had been planning are probably not going to cut it as far as design.

Truthfully, being a product designer, I have always had a nebulous dream of going into business designing furniture and selling the designs to high-end manufacturers. I have dozens of ideas sketched in various places, and I have only recently started implementing them in any way other than ephemeral thoughts. If you, The Reader, happen to be the CEO of Herman Miller, do let me know…

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