More fun with SPAM

To: Yours truly
Re: climbing over the barriers,

Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:52:20 -0200:

After viewing your record we are unable to a p prove your m o r tgage at the rate of 3.5%. However we can a p prove you at 4.21%.
If you are satisfied with our new deal, then we will need you to

verify some information below.

Thank you

And my reply:

Dearest Lamer:

>Thanks for getting back to me about my mortgage application, I really appreciate it. I also appreciate your astounding ability to anticipate my needs, apply me for something I didn’t know I needed, reject me, and then let me back in at a more suitable level for my apparent financial situation. I’m sure my credit rating would have come back much higher if it reflected the amount of money I will soon be getting from one of the crown Prince’s of Sudan upon his escape from the tyranny of his God-forsaken country. Please bear with me.

Also, I hate you.

I look forward to his prompt reply.

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