Introduce yourselves

According to my referral logs (which I check, from time to time, to find the blog-fodder within my search-string log. For instance, the top 5 searches making their way to Stuff and Stuff this month are:

1. cleavage
2. floorpie
3. fresh prince of bel aire
4. voltron
5. fotos girl

Seems fairly representative of my posts, I’d say.

By they way, Anonymous Searcher, you were looking for the excellent book A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, not The Confederacy of Dances which somehow also led you here. The Confederacy of Dances, is also pretty great, but I’m not that into the ballet rebellion.

Also, I don’t have any information about “when Christina Aguilera is getting married” because she tells me it’s just a fling, or “stuff people stick in their butt” because it’s a trade secret),

…there have been some 5,000 direct requests to this website this month. Subtracting the 4,998 times I’ve gazed longingly and lovingly at my own page, that leaves at least 2 of you (or 1 of you, twice) who have me bookmarked in your favorites, or written in your palm, or tattooed chest-wise, and don’t come here through other websites, or ill-formed searches. So, who are you people/sir/madame/other?

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