From what I’ve been able to gather, pretty much everyone at my soon to be new company knows about my site. Not that this is necessarily a problem or anything, but it is something I’ve not experienced before.

The obvious drawback of anyone you know finding your site is that you tend to edit yourself when it comes to personal details. Say what you will about how you don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, but if you’re realistic with yourself you’ll realize that you at least consider editing yourself… an emotion not dealt with if comletely anonymous.
For instance, I backed over that “fuck” up there a few times before going with it. I’m such a rebel.

To continue, not writing too much about myself isn’t going to be a very large problem for me, however, as I’ve been told by real-life friends that I don’t write that much about myself to begin with. Surface details, I suppose, but most of the stuff on here seems to be Seinfeld-ian observational fare: “Isn’t it funny how…?”, “Didja ever notice that…?”, “Who are these people…?”
The other apparent drawback about your co-workers knowing about your site is that you can’t safely complain about them… not that I anticipate wanting to, of course, boss. When you especially consider that people like Heather can get fired over their sites, you have to be especially careful.

On the other hand, perhaps this will serve as a way to have confrontatios without the actual confrontation part:

There’s this guy at work… we’ll call him Bavid Bleeman, who totally smacks his lips while he eats a candy bar in the middle of the day. If he does that one more time, I’m going to scream!

Hopefully, Bavid will get the idea.

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