I have this folder in my Bookmarks called “Blog”. Under it, I have links to my site, my hosted e-mail, my ftp site, my comments administrator, etc. Besides that, though, I have a number of blog links that, for the most part, I don’t know where or how I came across. I have a list of links on this site (drag your eyes to the right if you’re able, realize that’s the wrong way as I just did, and go to the left) comprised mostly of people I know or know of, admire, or (in some admittedly sad cases) are link-backs that I haven’t had the heart to get rid of, yet. At any rate, this list of links is really for me, making my page my own (albeit lame) portal to the net. [Note to self: make my page more like a portal, that might be cool].

So it puzzles me why I have this list of secondary links in my bookmarks. To be sure, I do go to most of them throughout the day, so they certainly qualify as frequent reads. Maybe some of them I don’t want the public to know that I know; or maybe I don’t want to know I know them. One site, at least, is someone I know that doesn’t know that I know they have a site, and I don’t want them to see floorpie.net in their referrals list, click on it, and then I’ll know that they know that I know they know. You know?

Maybe these were links of links of links, that I happened to like. Or someone I picked up in my referrals list to check out later. Or someone I stumbled on in a Google search for John Stamos, stupid or just insane? (which also led me here for an embarrassingly long period of time, by the way). Whatever the case, I found them; and, many of these deserve recognition when I get around to it. For now, though, check them out, tell me what you think:

.: kitta.net
.: birken
.: dirty fez
.: Big White Guy
.: Stacy Austin
.: thinkish

PS It is also slightly likely that I may be pathetically hoping to someday get their recognition. One can never be completely sure.

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