For those of you who have arrived here while searching for Chuck Henry, you’ve come to the wrong right place.

This is, indeed, a shrine to Chuck.

As you know, C-dog is the greatest newscaster of our time, routinely risking life and limb to bring you exotic dishes from around the world. He also does some sort of live reporting from time to time. I think, I’m not real sure. It’s really Travel Cafe that we here in L.A. know him best for.

Speaking of live reporting, rest assured Chuck is not dead… despite standing, burning, in the middle of California’s greatest disaster, blithely asking ashes and burned houses how they feel about being destroyed.

What’s it like, having been a mighty pine for over 50 years, to now be reduced to ash?

Fascinating, our prayers are with you.

Imminent death does not, apparently, perturb Chuck in the least; as his general modus operandi is to push, and then break through, the envelope of personal safety, bravely endangering his crew’s lives to follow him into the worst environments. “Do you think my perfect hair would ignite better if I was actually standing in that fireball, or is it cool if I just let my jacket burn where I am?” he’s been heard to say.

It might, at this juncture, be a good idea to mention that, should any of you ever be lucky enough to actually come in contact with Chuck Henry, you might suggest that actually perishing on camera would easily triple his already astounding ratings… and get more viewers for Travel Cafe.

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