I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but ADG and I got a cat together. I know, I know, embarrassing, right?

Speaking of embarrassing I just realized that… wait, lemme check… yep, I have a picture of said cat on my cam link to the left; and have had said link since September. I had put it there to show some friend’s of ADG’s what our fuzzy-wuzzy-widdle-baby looked like, and I apprently liked it so much that I’ve left it for over a month. That means that to many new and returning visitors, I’m “that guy at Floorpie… you know, the one with the cat.” (shakes head sadly)

Goodbye masculinity, I barely knew ye.

At any rate, ADG and I have a cat.

I had cats before growing up, but never one with as interesting and effective way of waking me up in the middle of the night (which, as an insomniac, is a pretty easy thing to do, but you will find the creatvity admirable as I do). The method is this:

1. Walk up body to chest.
2. Purr loudly
3. Place cat-face so nose is mere millimeters from human-face
4. Purr loudly
5. Sneeze incredibly wetly for an animal of small size, covering human-face completely while simultaneously startling human to full wakefulness.
6. Appear amused

And now, ladeez, I have written a post about cats. I am such a pimp.

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