I work on the second floor of a two-story building. The bathroom (which I frequent regularly) is advertised as handicapped-enabled, what with the placard on the door emblazoned with a little stick-figure wheelchair man next to a larger stick-figure non-handicapped man. I have some problems with this:

(1) There’s a difference between what you say you are, and what you are. For instance, I often tell people that I am the World’s Greatest Lover. Though undoubtedly really really good, I admittedly don’t have any actual empirical evidence to back my claim, having not rated the bulk of lovers in the world. While it is most likely true that I am indeed the best, until I have proof of the fact, I really shouldn’t say so.
Another example? While the bathroom clearly indicates that it’s handicapped enabled, you wouldn’t be able to tell by it’s standard narrow stalls… and lack of handrails.

(2) If at all possible, reality should always temper your claims. Remember that time you were showing off for a girl back in the day and you thought it would be really cool to jump across the picnic benches in front of everyone, thereby displaying your apparently sexy jumping ability, agility, and balance? Well, you should have taken reality into account and saved myself from missing the mark widely and barking my shins on the edge of the table so that I had to choke back the tears.
Also, the reality that a handicapped person could even get to the woefully un-prepared bathroom is extremely unlikely… what with the total lack of elevators in the building.

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