I’ve been seeing a lot of unfortunate advertising lately. Just today, while walking down the street, a panel truck went by with a business name emblazoned on the side in big red letters:

Billiards & Stools

Obviously, if given a second, anyone could surmise that They were referring to bar stools; but, I didn’t have a second and immediately wondered what kind of stools they were actually selling. Cat? Dog? Deer?

After that, I arrived at my destination, Taco Bell (how apropos). Let it be known that I’m pretty much over Taco Bell. Back in the day, I couldn’t get enough of it (remind me to tell you about the two 12-packs someday); but nowadays, the place generally makes me sick… which is why I thought it was funny when my friend pointed out their new promotion: Drink Big, Win Gas!

I’d wager almost everyone is a winner, in that case.

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