I feel as though I need more hits.

Which is strange considering that I started this blog not even “for myself”, which is the pat answer, but for an even lesser reason known as “the hell of it”. I had had two websites before this one which absolutely none of you saw, nor will be able to find, should you be interested. They were entirely self-serving, of course (as if a blog somehow isn’t), and terribly interesting to perhaps 3 people; two of which I am sure were me, and a third which was most likely me as well. As some of you may or may not know, having a site without something like a blog is very difficult to keep fresh and exciting. If it consists of my so-called “portfolio” of stunning artistic masterpieces, for instance, I am then required to churn out said masterpieces in a faster than 6-12 month turnaround as usual, ya know?

At any rate, it was then that I was introduced to blogging, and the rest is sad Stuff and Stuff history. First, there was the free geocities web space; and then, the paid-for-and-incredibly-clever-to-me-alone, floorpie.net. I like to think that I might have been at least somewhat popular at one time, as floorpie.com was mysteriously taken at the same time I announced my intention to purchase it on my blog. [note to burgeoning blog-stars: keep your clever ideas to yourself]

My popularity, however, has waxed and waned since then, leaving me with either 60 or 150 unique visitors (not 60/150 hits, 60/150 different people, regardless of visits) each day, depending on which of my tracking tallys I decide to believe. I tend to defer to the first one. Of course, to some of you, 60 people is a red letter day; but we’re talking about me here, in all of my Narcissus-like glory, so…

Somehow, I feel like I should get more. I don’t necessarily deserve to, of course. Lately (where by “lately”, I mean “the last 8 or so months”), I haven’t been particularly witty or compelling; owing, perhaps, to my job situation… but who can say? Should you disagree, please do delve in the archives and find that particularly hilarious post that just sprung to mind and e-mail it to me. I shan’t be waiting with baited breath, but you never know.

But I digress. Somehow I feel like I should get more. But why? This is just for me, isn’t it? At which point I realize: no. I mean, yes… or at least: sometimes. Looking back, I realize that I don’t actually write a huge amount about myself, sticking instead to general social commentary or observational humor. Is that really for me? Indirectly I suppose it is, as perhaps I do it to earn the praise of the reading masses (is 60 really “masses”?). Which leads us back to this problem of not enough hits.

So what’s the point? There is no point, of course, only drivel. Inspire me with your link-love!

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