For a while now, friends and family have been telling me that they are sure that I’ve been kicked around enough over the last year, that things are going to turn around for me, that things really couldn’t possibly get any worse.



BY ORDER OF THE COURT, your service is required 05/27/03 THRU 05/30/03 to serve as a prospective juror.

OK, in truth, this should be fairly easy to get out of as I won’t even be living within 300 miles of the courthouse come this weekend, but it was still a kick in the teeth when I opened my mail. Add to that the unemployment, the fact that I’m suddenly getting job leads in NoCal as I move to SoCal, that it looks as though it’s going to be pouring the day of my move (just as it did with the inaugural trip down), the other court summons for an unemployment insurance appeal that I don’t even want to mention, and the sensitive and red tumor-shaped lump on my head whatever else I can think of, and you have to start realizing that I must have been a real asshole in a previous life. You see kids, crime doesn’t pay after all…

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