eagle scouts can do eagle-anything

I don’t know, it’s what just popped in my head. If I wake up tomorrow and this doesn’t still make me chuckle for some reason, you won’t see it to be able to judge for yourself.

On a side note, did you know that I started this thing 8 years ago?! No, of course you didn’t; and, I didn’t either until just a moment ago when I scrolled down my archives for some reason. 8 years! That is, sadly(?):

.: 2 years longer than any relationship I’ve ever had
.: a little over a quarter of my lifetime (!!!)
.: half as many times as I’ve moved
.: the punchline to the “I 8 the sandbox” joke

I was a lot funnier (virtually) 8 years ago. I’d like to think I retain that ability to be funny, just now in the real world. I also, upon closer inspection, retain the ability to be dark and foreboding.

Like a castle. At night. In a storm. With a vampire. And meeeeeee! (*curtains pull back, can-can dancing ensues* “This is it people! Our big number! And smiles! and jazz hands! and YES!YES!NO!YES!”)

Note to self: read 8 years worth of dribble, see if you can remember any of it.

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