floorpie 4.0

Or at least I think it’s my fourth version of this site…possibly the fifth. Either way, this is a new one all the same. In truth, though, I’m trying to make it look just like the old one, just with a WordPress skeleton instead of a Blogger one. Sorry Ev, sad to see you go after a decade of problem-free coexistence. Somewhere along the line, it inevitably became about the business.

So it’s now been a few hours and I’ve on and off been tweaking and modifying little things here and there. I still haven’t delved into the underlying HTML of the WordPress templates to find all of the little things that are driving me absolutely insane which I must fix near immediately. Like the fonts. And the followed link colors. And did I mention the fonts?

All in all, though, I’d say it was a fairly smooth transition. I was able to save my archival posts; though I’m sure the comments are long gone. I’m fine with that, they were mostly from me talking to myself anyway.

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