i need a date for prom

Got an invite to Blogger Prom 2009…which is awesome though also weird as I have a spectacularly unpopular blog; and, over the last year or so I’ve updated less and less.

Even so, I’ve been doing this since early 2000. I was there at almost the beginning, met Ev a couple of times though it’s doubtful he remembers, was good friends with Mighty Girl and some of the other titans of this new-fangled blogging thing. But I was never especially popular, maybe getting to at most 500 hits a day in my heyday. Now it’s more like a dozen. But that’s OK, I do it for me and the ideal reader. You. I don’t need the crowd.

At any rate, low readership but legit credentials I think. Enough so that I can dress up in a tux and hold my own in a crowd of the glitterati of the blogesphere. But what to wear? Strangely, that’s the biggest source of stress at the moment.

That and that I need a date.

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