it’s got a switch on it

Tonight I decided to forego spending all night in front of the TV or on the computer and engage instead in my first and most endearing love, reading.

Make no mistake, I definitely spent a lot of time on Facebook or Flickr or tripping through one Internet and then the other and watched at least one Netflix movie via xBox on TV and then transitioned to killing aliens on the same xBox and then made this spectacularly grammatical monstrosity of a run-on sentence…but after all that was done I read. From my best recollection I read for two hours and didn’t really want to stop.

The only reason I DID stop was because it was midnight and I had these grandiose plans of going to bed on time and NOT waking up exhausted tomorrow morning, especially as I know already that I will be out until the wee hours tomorrow.

The only issue preventing me from following through with this plan is that…I’m not tired. I have this thing where I’m one step from physical collapse at about 10:30, power my way through it enough to get ready for and into bed, and then be wide awake until 2 or 3.

Lately I’ve been falling asleep to half-watched Conan episodes on Hulu at 3 in the morning. Tonight I was hoping the reading would tire me out.

Back to the xBox…

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