top chef

I’m not sure what “ironic” means, but I have a feeling it has something to do with watching back to back episodes of Kitchen Nightmares while only having a half-filled jar of jelly and a box of old saltines in my kitchen.

After writing that last sentence, I went to the kitchen, inspired and motivated to eat some crackers…which, as it turns out, I’m actually also out of. Wah-waaaah.

The thing is, I’m actually a somewhat decent cook. I can do a little better than toast and I’ve made my fair share of Thanksgiving dinners; but, what is the point of soup for one…especially when you get home at 8:30 or later? So every few weeks I buy a bunch of food, lament that I’m too tired to cook any of it, and then usually end up eating things in stages (like eating the cheese that was supposed to be in the manicotti). There’s just little motivation when I’m the only one to cook for.

And that is the reason I need a girlfriend.

OK, maybe a couple of other reasons, too.

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