On the way back from lunch, I was stopped behind a new Cadillac Escalade with a San Jose Sharks sticker on the back window. I don’t know… I don’t care how much you love a team, I don’t see putting a sticker on a $60,000 car. I mean, why stop there? Why not slap on a “My Other Car is a Porsche…Literally” on the bumper and “I don’t drive too fast, I fly too low” license plate fram while you’re at it.

Keyser Soze Conclusion Have now had two successive rounds of my 'Keyser Soze' bottle being one of two left in the mini-fridge, and then having the fridge be filled up again. I consider this a success. I intend to go steal the last remaining bottle and see what happens, but I suspect 'Keyser Soze' will survive. Long term monitoring will determine if 'Keyser Soze' can remain indefinitely. 04.15.03 14:22 hours

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