As I’m only at The Company as a contractor “my” desk isn’t really “mine” at all. It’s the old desk of the unfortunate man who’s lay-off afforded me work. As such, my large cubicle is filled to the brim with all manner of work-related detritus; which, as you can imagine, is endlessly interesting to sift through.

Today, I found an unused disk drive cleaning kit… for a 5 1/4″ drive. Most of you probably don’t even remember the true “floppy disks” of yore, but I do. Text-based Zork goodness was delivered via 5 1/4″. This particular cleaning kit cost $2.99 and claims to “Protect Your Precious Software”. Precious indeed.

On a related note, I also found a half-a-dozen old slides in the back of one of the drawes. They show various scenes of Hustler Honeys in some extremely compromising positions. Hustler Honeys in an orgy. hustler Honeys covered in whip-cream. Hustler Honeys and mop-haired porn-guy rolling on silk sheets. Hustler Honeys bending over to get me something… I don’t know what surprised me more: the fact that I found these in someone’s work-desk, or that they are clearly original slides from the 70’s and faithfully depict the, err, grooming habits of the time.

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